About us

Food Knowledge is a Nutritional Consultancy company which aims to provide nutritional advice to individuals who wish to alter their diet and lifestyle. 

At Food Knowledge we understand that the motives for making these changes vary from person to person, which is why every client is treated as an individual and we focus on making our suggestions personalised. 


Founder of Food Knowledge is university trained Nutritional Therapist Gemma Landau BSc (Hons) NT, who understands the challenges of making dietary changes and is keen to make protocols achievable and adaptable. Gemma is determined to make suggestions practical and avoid 'boring suggestions'. 

Gemma Landau BSc (Hons) NT mBANT.

Gemma approaches her nutritional consultations from a functional medicine perspective, which means she considers all of her patient’s symptoms and contributing factors, taking into account possible systems imbalances within the body. 

Gemma is also trained in aspects of person centered counseling and NLP, which allow her to specialise in individual consultations, aiming to motivate and educate people to improve their wellness and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Initial consultations are used to establish goals and gain a full medical history, once this has been achieved; Gemma devises a personalised protocol which is goal orientated and ensures consideration to testing, medication interactions, polypharmacy and supplementation.

Future consultations are used to discuss progress and how best to make the necessary steps toward meeting your goals.

Gemma has much experience in working with children and can runs ‘family wellness workshops’ providing advice for fussy eaters, as well as weaning and meal planning for whole families.



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